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​Based in Orlando, Florida. UCF Finance Undergraduate with a minor in Sports Business. Second year scouting full time. Logged in over 1000 hours so far in his career as a scout. Currently a bench attendant for the Lakeland Magic. Has prior experience in Corporate Sponsorship activation with the Orlando Magic. Media Coordinator for the Advocate Invitational in Orlando. 

Based out of Boston, Massachusetts. Senior at Lasell College. 2017 TPG Pro Scout School Graduate. Prior experience working in the Harvard athletic department with Marketing and Promotions. Director of intramural sports at Lasell College. 

Based in Orlando, Florida. UCF Undergraduate in Business and Communications. 2017 TPG Scout School Graduate.Scout and video coordinator at the 2017 Professional basketball combine. NCAA certified high school scout with Hoop Brothers. 2000 hours of experience in basketball related video editing

Grant Aqui
Paul Boutiette
Cody Wright
First scouting reports of the year! Mitchell Robinson, Isaac Bonga, and Arnoldas Kulboka

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